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The structure and characteristics of machine vision system
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The machine vision system is composed of a variety of technologies and products, which comprises a unit system camera, lens, light source, sensor, image collection system, image processing system, control system, alarm control execution system, so the persons engaged in any unit or to provide integrated system are engaged in machine vision based on these units. Specifically, it includes hardware component manufacturing, software development, equipment manufacturing, and system integration.

What is machine vision?:

Simply speaking, Machine Vision refers to machine systems or disciplines based on visual technology, so in general, robots, image systems, vision based industrial measurement and control equipment and so on belong to the category of machine vision. In a narrow sense, machine vision refers to the industrial measurement and control system based on vision. Thus, vision is the core and premise of machine vision.

Machine vision first deals with visual information, and controls the next movement according to the processing results. The visual information is represented by images, so the computer image processing technology is the basis of machine vision.

The relationship between machine vision and computer image:

Machine vision and computer image are two different concepts, but they are closely related to each other. In theory, it is easy to distinguish between the two, but because machine vision is based on computer images, from reality, it is difficult to say who is specializing in machine vision, who is specialized in computer images.

Many people say that machine vision is engaged in industrial applications, and computer images are more in the algorithm research, machine vision is meaningless.  This view itself is a misunderstanding. The first image is the core of machine vision, it is difficult to imagine how people do not understand the computer image system to provide effective application solutions for the guests; secondly, computer image can not leave the machine vision, after all, can not be effectively applied to knowledge itself is meaningless.

Characteristics of machine vision:

Machine vision technology plays an important role in various industries. The biggest feature of machine vision technology is fast speed, large amount of information, and many functions. The development of machine vision technology must be combined with the actual production situation in our country to carry out the application, in order to shine its brilliance. At the same time, machine vision colleagues must work together on the machine vision market China strategic long-term planning and coordination to jointly promote technological progress and create a market demand, in order to obtain win-win results, promote the Chinese machine vision market prosperity.

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