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The difference between industrial camera and DSC
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1. The performance of the industrial camera is stable and reliable, easy to install, compact camera structure, strong, easy to damage, continuous working time is long, can be used in a poor environment, the general digital camera is not able to do so. For example, let civil digital cameras work 24 hours a day or work for a few days will certainly not be able to stand.

2, industrial cameras shutter time is very short, you can capture high-speed moving objects.

For example, the business card is attached to the fan fan blade, rotate at the maximum speed, set the appropriate shutter time, and capture an image with an industrial camera, and still can clearly identify the font on the card. It's impossible to capture the same effect with a common camera.

The image sensor 3, industrial camera is progressive, while the ordinary image sensor camera is interlaced, progressive scan image sensor production process is complex, low rate of finished products, shipments of less, the world only a few companies can provide such products, such as Dalsa, Sony, and the price is expensive.

4. The frame rate of industrial cameras is much higher than that of ordinary cameras.

Industrial cameras can take ten to hundreds of pictures per second, while ordinary cameras can only take 2-3 images, the difference is great.

5, industrial cameras output naked data (raw data), and its spectral range is often relatively wide, more suitable for high-quality image processing algorithms, such as Machine Vision applications. The spectral range of ordinary camera is only suitable for human vision, and after MJPEG compression, the image quality is poor, which is not conducive to analysis and processing.

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