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How to choose the right industrial camera
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1. Choose CCD or CMOS camera according to the different applications

CCD industrial camera is mainly used in the image extraction of moving objects, such as mounter, machine vision, of course, with the development of CMOS technology, many Mounter also choose CMOS industrial camera. In the visual inspection program or industry, CCD camera is more commonly used. CMOS industrial camera is also widely used because of its low cost, low power consumption and so on.

2, resolution selection

Firstly, the accuracy of the object to be observed or measured is taken into account, and the resolution is chosen according to the accuracy. Camera pixel accuracy = single view range size / camera single directional resolution. Camera single direction resolution = single direction visual field size / theoretical accuracy.

If the single field of view is 5mm long and the theoretical accuracy is 0.02mm, then the single direction resolution =5/0.02=250 is obtained. However, in order to increase the stability of the system, not only one pixel unit corresponds to a measurement / observation accuracy value, it can generally select multiples 4 or higher. This camera requires a single directional resolution of 1000, the use of 1 million 300 thousand pixels is enough.

Then look at the output of the industrial camera, if the recognition of type observation or machine software, high resolution is helpful; if the VGA output or USB output, the observation on the display, it also depends on the resolution of the display industry, the resolution of the camera and then high display resolution is not enough, there is no point in using memory cards or pictures; function of industrial camera with high resolution is also helpful.

3, and lens matching

The size of the sensor chip needs to be less than or equal to the size of the lens, and the C or CS mounting block should match (or increase the interface);

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