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Development and breakthrough of machine vision
Publication time:2017年11月06日 Click:order Browse times:

In the statistical machine vision recent usage in China is the world's highest rate of a country, so in our country, the machine vision technology is rapidly rising, while the real machine vision technology in our country is not very early, before entering China about at the beginning of 1990s, and to now, the technology of machine vision has been applied to various industries in china.

Now the machine vision technology in various industries in China, the areas are involved, such as industrial, transportation, aerospace and so on, of course, machine vision is the development of the market is also constantly with the development of machine vision technology, and qualitative breakthrough, in 2013 today, Xiaobian take some time, four breakthrough machine vision

1, the machine vision is easy to operate

Have to admit, the machine vision is simple is indeed a breakthrough point, because the machine vision technology is very complex, naturally operation is very complicated, but in recent years, with the development of the machine vision has the advantages of simple operation, let the technology is more complex, of course, in return, is that our operation is more simple.

2, maintainability improved

No matter what, maintenance is a very important point, and machine vision before, maintenance is very poor, even if the normal maintenance, so the maintenance is also very unfavorable, inconvenient, and now, the maintenance of machine vision than before many advantages, this is a very impressive the breakthrough point.

3, the detection technology is more accurate and stable

Machine vision in the domestic application industry is the most, almost is the production industry, and the production of goods detection accuracy and stability is very important, and this is exactly one of the breakthrough point of machine vision.

4, cost

Finally, precisely on the basis of accurate, stable quality, the customer concerns, that is, the price, with the popularity of machine vision, relatively speaking, the cost will decline, of course, the machine vision itself prices are also down, this is also a breakthrough point

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