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The latest development of machine vision technology
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An important role of machine vision is to promote the promotion of industrial automation level, which is the development momentum of the domestic machine vision market. And the user's demand is undoubtedly the machine feel as the most decisive factor in the development of the most popular. With the further development of China's manufacturing industry, the demand for machine vision has been further improved, which is not only reflected in the capacity of the market, but also reflected in the user's quality and performance requirements of machine vision products. At present, the machine vision is from the past simple collection, analysis, transmission of data, to determine the motion, gradually toward the open direction, this trend also indicates that the machine vision will be further integration and automation, color vision system, embedded technology, hardware and software solutions such as collocation, machine vision the latest technology trends.

Machine vision needs color, too

Although in the past few years machine vision has experienced some revolutionary changes, but the field of color image processing is still at a relatively slow rate in the development, one of the main reasons is the color of a machine vision problem is always better than equivalent scheme gray image needs more cost and treatment capacity. But in the last few years, this has changed.

With the vision is applied to semiconductor, medicine, textile and other industries, the ordinary gray vision system has been unable to meet the needs of users. In some applications, color machine vision functions must be used, such as color pattern matching, chromatographic analysis, printing color detection, packaging box recognition and other functions.

Embedded technology will become mainstream

As early as a few years ago, some experts predict that embedded products will gradually replace the card board products and become the mainstream form of machine vision products.

In recent years, the development of machine vision is mainly concentrated in two aspects of intelligence and integration. On the one hand, with the improvement of hardware processing ability, engineers have been able to adopt more advanced visual algorithms to solve complex visual problems. On the other hand, the demand of automation application also gradually guides the development of machine vision system from the traditional PC card based products to the embedded system of acquisition, analysis and judgment. Embedded products will gradually replace the card board products. Most of the embedded operating system is based on C language, using the C language for embedded system development is a fundamental work, improve work efficiency, shorten the development cycle, more important is to develop high reliability and good maintainability, easy to constantly improve and upgrade etc..

In industrial inspection machines, users are more likely to use embedded devices with real-time operating systems, because it does not require a separate IT department support, which makes the actual operation has better independence, reliability. Some experts point out that smart cameras and high-performance embedded vision processing systems will dominate the visual hardware market in the future.

Collocation of hardware and software

Machine vision has a popular explanation, that is, using machines to replace the human eye for measurement and judgment. With the development of embedded processor technology, the processing capability of vision processing hardware is increasing day by day, and it also brings about the improvement of software status. Under the condition of certain image quality, the quality of processing software and image algorithm can determine whether the structure is correct or not, so the position of visual software in the whole system is very important.

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