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Transverse walking type three axis manipulator
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Transverse walking type three axis manipulator
Transverse walking type three axis manipulator
Detailed introduction:

The advantages of the front desk:

Before and after 1., the servo is easier to take out the product, and the moving distance is large before and after.

2. servo motors are driven by a servo motor, with fast moving speed and accurate positioning.

3. imported original parts, durable, electric power adjustment, easy operation,

Application of 4. speed mechanism, arm speed, low height low occupied, can be installed in the low plant,

5. arm adopts high strength aluminum profile, with precision linear slide rail slider, light weight, good steel, low friction and long life.

6. position combination design, fixed rotation 90 degrees, can be combined with fixed mould to remove the product,

The 7. arm structure can be used at the same time to take products and water ports, and can be used by any arm alone.

8. the machine is used in the mold fast and up and down, the product and the water port are placed slowly outside the mold. The molding cycle is shortened, the performance is more stable and the action is safer.

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